Learning Partnerships

Each year, LCI partners with other organisations who share our values to provide opportunities for learning and reflection. Learning projects might highlight particular issues, such as economic or social justice, draw diverse groups together to explore a particular theme, or give opportunities for participants to engage in artistic or reflective practices. This year’s projects are listed below. Take a look to see if any of them float your boat!
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The Big Bookend Festival
The Big Bookend aims to make words and books fun and accessible for all, whether you are a small or a big kid! With our interest in books and learning, LCI are one of the project partners, along with Waterstones and Leeds Central Library. We are running a series of events called Strangers in a Strange Land, to provide space for reflection on some of the themes touched on in this year’s Festival. Click here for a full programme at Big Bookend’s website. 
Wisdom Calls
Wisdom calls is a year long partnership with Leeds Christian Community Trust to encourage a culture of learning across the Christian community in the city. Throughout the year, a group of twelve participants from different sectors, but all understanding their work in some way as being ‘missional’ will meet together to ask the question ‘What wisdom have we found while working in Leeds?’ At the end of the year, the aim is to expand this learning to a wider group.
Scandal of Inequality
Scandal of Inequality is a place for plotting, conspiring, narrating, informing and imagining how to respond to inequality in Leeds. The aim is for this plotting to be ‘infectious’ rather than owned by a particular organisation. The title therefore applies to a range of events, meetings, individuals and organisations, of which LCI is pleased to be a part. Click here for Scandal’s website.
City of Sanctuary
City of Sanctuary is a network of people and organisations right across the city, united in making our city more welcoming, open and fair for all. In Leeds, we are proud to extend the welcome of our city to people who come here seeking safety. We are committed to making our city a haven for anyone who needs its protection. Click here for City of Sanctuary’s website.