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LCI’s educational programme is shaped by four areas of interest:

1. Learning for Mission:

  • Responding to contemporary events/concerns and the history of mission in Leeds.
  • Learning from mission in the city.
  • Exploring local and city wide concerns for mission.
  • Training leaders in theory and practice of contextual mission.

2. Learning for Discipleship:

  • Developing understandings of Christian believing and exploring its ethical concequences.
  • Providing discipleship resources for groups and individuals.
  • Making links with other faith traditions.
  • Responding to recent theological publications.

3. Learning in Context:

  • Exploring how context affects belief and practice, with particular reference to the urban context.
  • Equipping local communities to ‘do theology’.
  • Partnering with organisations and institutions that can improve our practice.
  • Encouraging churches to learn from those doing contextual theology around the world.

4. Learning in the City:

  • Analysing and reflecting on the current social, political and economic situation in Leeds.
  • Promoting Christian Education among young people.
  • Promoting education among those in the city who are socially, politically and economically excluded.
  • Becoming an established provider within the educational ecology of Leeds and West Yorkshire.

Each year LCI will choose certain themes to focus its programme around. This years themes are:

  1. Faith in Public Life
  2. Sacred Space
  3. Spirituality in Context