Last week James Alison visited Leeds and spoke at All Hallows Church on the topic of Christ Crucified – the power of God and the wisdom of God (1 Cor 1:23-24) What it is like on the inside of this as an LGBT person?

Alison is celebrated for his firm but gentle insistence on addressing current church teaching on human sexuality with the question, “Yes, but is it true?”

He brings to this question, a deep understanding of the work of philosopher and literary critic Rene Girard which exposes violence hidden at the heart of culture; and he illuminates our understanding of the good news in Christ as the Forgiving Victim.

In written word and lectures, Alison offers a vital freshness in his interpretations of scripture, delightful wordplay, even some surprises and new connections. It has been said of Alison, “Far from beleaguered or rancorous, he is a gay Catholic voice speaking out of unsentimental love for the church.”