There’s never been a better time to join.  2020, was such an exceptional year that membership fees were suspended for 12 months until May 2021.  After further consideration and discernment, Leeds Church Institute Council have made the decision to offer FREE Membership from May 2021 onwards and for the foreseeable future.   Historically subscriptions were an important part of our income to meet the costs associated with running a library but that is no longer the case as we are now funded through our investments.

We remain committed to being a membership organisation and are immensely grateful to all our members for your past, present and future contribution to the aims and purposes of Leeds Church Institute (LCI).  All our members receive a quarterly copy of CITYTheology Magazine, the offer of a free copy of our publications, access to all LCI events and the chance to help LCI make decisions about its future and shape this centre of learning in the heart of Leeds.

To join, simply fill in the form below.