Wisdom on the Way

Wisdom on the Way

Wisdom on the Way was the title for a short reflective series this autumn, convened by Leeds Church Institute and Leeds Christian Community Trust to support people working in urban communities in Leeds and beyond. The aim was to develop a small community of learning....

Lunchtime Conversations : Not in God's Name

Confronting Religious Violence by Jonathan Sacks. Tuesday 2nd February 2016 12.30-14.30 at LCI, sesssion led by Revd Tony Whatmough. Light lunch will be provided. To book email events@leedschurchinstitute.org or phone 0113 391 7928.

Who Chose the Gospels?

Who Chose the Gospels? We asked the question in order to probe the ‘Great Gospel Conspiracy’.   There is a school of thought, which we see in popular culture by such things as the The Da Vinci Code but supported by some academics such as Elaine Pagels, William...