St George’s Crypt

Today we ask you to pray for the work of St George’s Crypt, a Christian charity based in the heart of Leeds. Homeless and vulnerable people come to us for help.

St George’s Crypt has been running a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, Growing Rooms, in its current form from 2017.  Working with recovering addicts, the program supports them to become fully abstinent and independent. They live together in houses, coming together every day to work through their recovery in a class-based setting and by volunteering within the city. This combination of learning and practice gives them a unique foundation of work and study that has proven to support their recovery. This month three housemates who took part in the program are coming to the end of their time with us. They are moving on into a shared house, deciding that the bonds formed through recovery are strong and a positive foundation for their continued development. They are applying for work, volunteering, and doing well. We wish them all the success they deserve after all they have achieved. 

Contact: Revd Roger Quick [email protected]