Max Farrarr at BBE 2015 copyMax Farrar: Islamism & Terror: A Western way of doing politics?
Sat 6th June @ 2.00pm-3.30pm
Leeds Church Institute, LS1 6DG
£3 from
Max will be looking at the ‘who, how and why’ of what we call terrorism and our responses to it. The UK media’s reduction of Islam to Islamism, and its reduction of jihad to terrorism, and its blaming both of these misunderstandings on multiculturalism which makes it almost impossible for us to have an intelligent discussion. In this talk, Max Farrar will enlighten those who know little and provide space for dialogue, in the company of people who will know more than he does.
Supporting speaker to be confirmed.
Max Farrar is a sociologist and activist who has lived in Leeds since 1968. Most of his work has centred on the Chapeltown area of the city. He retired from Leeds Met/Beckett University in 2009. He is co-editor of Islam in the West – Key Issues in Multiculturalism (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012). His chapters in that book are titled ‘Multiculturalism in the UK: a contested discourse’ and ‘Islamism and terror: a Western way of doing politics’. His reflection (2006) on the bombing of London by young men associated with the Beeston area of Leeds was titled ‘When Alienation turns to Nihilism: the dilemmas posed for diversity post 7/7’. His writing is available at