“Caring for God’s earth is a crucial part of our Christian commitment as we learn more of the dangers to the planet.” Bishop, John Packer writes in his introduction to a new environmental awareness course being developed by LCI in partnership with the Diocese of Ripon and Leeds.
RenewingTheEarthThe course’s five sessions look at issues such as science and the Bible; climate change, poverty and justice; sustainable living and political action. “We need to discover ways in which individuals as well as governments can act for the sake of future generations, and of the poorer parts of the world,” the Bishop continues, “There is a triple imperative – of informed prayer, of personal action and of campaigning. We need to develop our own understanding, and keep it up to date. We need to decide what actions we are going to take ourselves. We need to encourage others to develop strategies, whether governments, local authorities, dioceses or individual churches. This Course will enable us to pray, to act and to share the importance of these issues, as we respond to God’s call to care for the planet he has entrusted to us. Do use it carefully and prayerfully.”
If you would like more information about the course, which will be available later in the year, please contact us.