To my mind having Sara Maitland come to give the Hook lecture in November trumps Le Grand Depart as the most exciting thing to happen to Leeds this year.  If you have not read Sara Maitland yet you should give it a try. One good place to start is Gossip from the Forest, a lively response to Richard Dawkins who now wants to take fairy tales away from us.
Hard work and fun? In her book, A Big Enough God, Sara Maitland says writing theology is hard work, like any creative process, and yet should be infused with fun. She argues for an incredible God as far more appealing than a credible God. She exposes functionalist expressions of Christian faith (“God created … because…”) as having a certain mediaeval entertainment value but as ultimately lacking in imagination. Read her book and tell us if it was hard work and fun, at the Lunchtime Conversation on Tuesday 1 July from 12.