Revd Olasupo Ogunyinka

Revd Supo reviews a book that covers many aspects of Christian discipline and explores the various attributes and disciplines necessary to be like Jesus, backing them up with passages of scripture.

We are taken on a journey of spiritual and ministerial formation in the life of a Christian; a journey of faith lived out in deep connection with God and His creation. Daniel highlights the dynamics of spiritual and ministerial formation, the obstacles and pitfalls, both from general western and African perspectives.

Daniel talks about the wonderful Grace of God, God’s unmerited favour on those who have opened hands to receive it. He speaks of the many different ways God’s grace manifested itself in his life; a willingness to follow and serve God out of intimacy, not intimidation, and a love for God that sees the Bible as a love letter from a loving father to His children and not as a set of dos and

Daniel identifies 7 key disciplines or ‘pillars’ which he considers are vital spiritual vitamins for spiritual and ministerial formation. The book emphasizes that spiritual formation is not somethinghat we do to ourselves or for ourselves, but something we allow God to do in us and for us as we yield ourselves to the work of God’s Spirit transforming grace.

This is a humorous, easy to read and very practical book, although there were some parts of the book which I found a little bit confusing at times. The most enjoyable part of the book for me was the chapter on grace. This may be because I myself have experienced God’s loving grace in my life, and also because the chapter opened my eyes to a richer understanding of God’s grace. Anyone who has experienced the loving grace of God and wants to know how to go about developing their relationship with God will love this book.

I recommend this book for those who want to grow in Christ and those who are exploring their Christian vocation, for ordained and lay people alike. It is an enjoyable and accessible read for committed Christians who want to be more like Jesus and discern God’s calling in their lives.

Revd Olasupo Ogunyinka is an Anglican Priest serving in the Diocese of Leeds.

Copies of To Be Like Jesus by Revd Dr Daniel M Mwailu will be available in the Leeds Church Institute’s library when we re-open. They are also available from Westbow Press .