The pandemic of 2020-21 has presented one of the greatest challenges our society has faced for generations. This has had a direct impact on faith communities, both from a practical point of view and from a variety of theological aspects. Among the Christian denominations, for example, there has been debate regarding how and whether to receive confession and communion during the pandemic. Many Christian institutions have survived for centuries, if not millennia, but 2020 and the start of 2021 are presenting unique and unprecedented challenges for churches, local, national and international.  Read the full article here: 2021’03 Changing our Churches in a 21st century Pandemic World


Visual Artist, writer, heritage researcher & Curator Chris Corish draws on his recent MA studies in Leeds to encourage faith communities to look outward, so the stereotype of a ‘beleaguered fortress of the increasingly elderly faithful, terrified of the outside world’ is consigned firmly to the past.