Faith in Dark PlacesDavid Rhodes, author of Faith in Dark Places  had just that experience.  He had started to volunteer at a PATH group for people without homes and in difficult circumstances. He envisaged himself bringing good news to the poor, and found it was working the other way round – he was receiving good news from the poor.
At Lunchtime Conversations, David recalled the excitement that came with this discovery; and that over time he realised thousands upon thousands had discovered it before him. As he said – Try looking at the Gospels, or Early Church Fathers like John of Alexandria who said ‘the poor bestow on us the Kingdom of Heaven’. Good News from the poor is not new.
Still, the discovery was so amazing to him, and still is. It is part of why he wrote his book Faith in Dark Places. As a group on Tuesday we talked about the themes of the book and in particular how the Lord’s Prayer is truly written for the poor – give us bread, forgive our debts – the reality of the words hit home when we thought of people praying earnestly for food and to be free of debt. These words were given in a prayer nearly 2000 years ago, so not a new discovery, but can be heard afresh in Leeds today.