Arani Sen joins us to talk about his book Holy Spirit Radicals, Pentecost, Acts and Changed Society.

In Holy Spirit Radicals, Arani Sen argues that the charismatic movement has encouraged a return to the standpoint of the apostles in Acts. Although we need a personal encounter with God through the power of the Holy Spirit, Arani demonstrates how, in Acts, whole communities are transformed and the excluded and marginalised included.

Holy Spirit Radicals manifests a church for all people, regardless of background, race, ethnicity or social status. It’s also about the Holy Spirit permeating all areas of society, especially where there is poverty or discrimination. Arani Sen brings the Book of Acts alive for the 21st century, giving many case studies of how the Holy Spirit is able to bring about widespread change.

“Creatively using the Acts of the Apostles as a framework, Arani writes powerfully from his working experience in urban communities to speak for and from churches in these areas, seeking support for them from the wider church. In so doing, he passionately weaves together his concern for justice with powerful stories of God’s transforming work in individuals and communities.”
Andy Jolley, New Wine’s Head of Urban Ministry, Archdeacon of Bradford

Arani Sen was born in Yorkshire of Indian, Hindu parentage. Arani was converted to Christianity in a dramatic experience as a student. He is an ordained Anglican vicar, passionate about inner-city, urban ministry. He is currently Vicar Of Christ Church, Upper Armley, Leeds, an exciting, diverse community, running major social projects. He is part of the New Wine movement.

We still have a few copies available through the LCI library or you can buy through Amazon here.