How to Disappear Completely is a comic for Lent and for Leeds commissioned by Leeds Church Institute and illustrated by Simon Smith. The comic reflects on some of the themes of Lent, and particularly the story of Christ’s forty days in the wilderness. It also reflects something of the realities of life and faith in modern-day Leeds.
Folk local to Leeds will recognise some of the locations that Si has used, (not least the derelict council offices on the way out of the city to the M621), and all of the characters and people in the comic have been observed and drawn around Leeds
“How to disappear completely is a comic that was written for Lent and for Leeds so it’s basically built around Christ in the Wilderness. I’m reluctant to say too much about it because I quite like people to come to it and find what they think it’s about.”
“I like the idea that people will use it in Lent and won’t just read it and put it on the shelf going ‘I’ve done that’ but that they can read it and find something else in it. I’ve put things in there that people can find, there’s hints to things, and there’s references to songs, so if you’ve got the patience, and the interest you can look at it and go, ‘oh yeah’”.
How To Disappear Completely has been picked up by Valley Press, so it is no longer available through LCI, but you can find it on sale at the Valley Press website