For parents of young children, there is often a sum to be calculated; is the combined effort of the whole family equal to what might be gained from a shared experience? The calculation might be done around the organisation of a trip to the seaside or getting the shopping done.
Try this calculation: is the combined effort of involving the family in doing theology at LCI worth the inspiration? To do this sum, add getting to the city centre with pre-school children by 10 am to the multi tasking involved in encouraging happy play while conversing deeply with others about a life of faith in our city.
A group of us this morning thought the sum worked out on the plus side. Inspired by Sara Maitland, we talked about what we learn of God by looking at creation and community. We imagined a God big enough to be creator of this amazing complex planet, whose creativity inspires humans to create all that we find in our cities and in our relationships here. And more, a God who is big enough to call us to fullness of life – not just the easy comfortable bits, but who is present in the pain and difficulties of life too.
If that isn’t enough, Sara Maitland wants us to find the process of theology fun because thinking of a God who created this world should be a delight. At this point, we recognised that bringing young children to the theological discussion far from being an additional effort to the thinking and dialogue was intrinsic to the process. They brought with them the fun and the hard work of theology. The light was worth way more than the candle.