BigEnoughGod copyTuesday 1st July, 12.30-2.30 at LCI
Lunchtime Conversations is a book club for theological books. On the first Tuesday of each month a group of between 10 and 20 people from different theological backgrounds meet in LCI’s library to discuss a particular title over a bite to eat. Topics so far have ranged from how language is always contextual, to whether the church can be fully church without embracing those who are disabled by society. Each session is led by a member of the group. Anybody is welcome – you don’t have to have read the book being discussed, in fact after the session we hope that you might want to borrow it from the library!
This session will be led by Rev Tom Lusty
Here Sara Maitland lays out her theological stall – a way of talking about God which allows for the huge joyful complexity of the created order and the amazing revelation of God which the modern sciences have opened out for us: a god who runs risks and shares responsibility in generosity and beauty beyond language and imagination.  The book, though fundamentally the writing of an orthodox Roman Catholic is courageous and free thinking. It includes chapters on contemporary physics, astronomy and mathematics; on psychological and anthropological ideas about self and identity; about the contribution of literature and art to a delight in God; and a final chapter on the ethical imperative to joy.