Mary And Martha Meet flier copySecond Friday of the month, 10-11.15 at LCI
For parents and carers with their young children. An opportunity for adults to explore theology and the city, while the children play.
At LCI, we have the idea for this, but please help us to shape it. Respond to ‘practicalities’, ‘process’ or ‘themes’.
The practicalities
LCI will provide coffee, tea and fruit. If parents bring kid’s drinks and drinkers please, then they will have what is right for them (although we have lots of water here).
We will meet in a big room so there is space for the children to play or rest. Also chairs for adults if wanted. Please bring your children’s favourite ‘take out on trips’ toys. We will have lots of paper and crayons for the older age group.
The Process of Theology
I thought we could develop a ‘pattern of conversation’ for our theological reflection (guided by Roger Walton The Reflective Disciple).
Each meeting, we will have a few starting points for reflection on a theme – so if you have to zone out of theology to playing and back, you won’t be lost in the discussion. We will approach it through an extract from a novel, a theology book, a poem and an image.
Our Themes
Being distinctively Christian in Leeds.
It would be great if we followed the LCI theme for our 2013-14 programme – Original Helplessness. This will be launched at the Hook Lecture given by Giles Fraser at the Minster on 14th Nov.
Each month we will be encouraging people to look at different aspects of Original Helplessness. In December, the first meeting of Mary and Martha Meet, we will be looking at birth (How do experiences of birth affect the way we live? Can our awareness of these experiences deepen our desire for connection?)
I am happy to bring the theology ‘starters’ for the first one. Anyone who would like to offer for subsequent sessions, that would be great. But I will always be happy to prepare for meetings.
Helen Reid