Multi Cultural ChurchLearning from South Africa
The world’s attention has been drawn to South Africa again through the death of Nelson Mandela, a loss to the global community as well as his own country. We were inspired by the struggle against apartheid, and can learn from the continuing struggle against the legacy of apartheid. The nation is still engaged in the task of reconciliation and the search for justice, and the church has a critical role to play.
Revd Arani Sen of Christ Church Armley, visited South Africa during his sabbatical. He has written about his experiences there and shares his reflections on how much we in Leeds can learn from South Africa.
Arani’s study asks us to consider how the church can be counter cultural in a society where strong opinions marginalise refugees and blame the poor for their poverty, where racism destroys lives and undermines hope. We need to work for a positively multi cultural church and society. Read the full account of his reflections here  Arani Sen Learning from South Africa
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