Reflecting Harehills flier MayWednesday 25th May 2016. 10am-1pm.
Think you know a place?  What if you encountered it, in faith, in a fresh way?  Well please join us for a transformative urban retreat.
We MEET at Trinity United Church, Banstead Terrace East, LS8 5PX at 10am.
We RETREAT, starting with some guided prayerful and mindful reflections and then going out, walking at our own pace, looking for spiritual treasure, asking what God’s saying and doing through the places we walk and the people we meet.
We gather back to EAT at the amazing Community Café.  We reflect on our experiences, share our thoughts, and get to know each other that little bit better.
For more details, and to let us know you are coming, please email [email protected] or phone 0113 391 7928