Alphabet Club pride flyer copyThe Dancing Bear Trilogy is a series of experimental films, challenging talks and theatrical performances that aim to engage different audiences in conversations and discussions about LGBTQ issues.
In partnership with the Leeds Big Bookend Festival and the Leeds Church Institute, we are producing a book….
We’d like you to contribute to the Alphabet Club Book by submitting essays, stories, poetry and pictures about gender, sexuality, queer identities and faith journeys and perspectives.
Here’re a few themes to get those creative juices flowing…
We exist!: The visibility and normalisation of LGBTQ people in a heteronormative world.
Faith & Sexuality: Repellent religion and the attraction of faith. Your personal faith journey.
Queer identity: Beyond the binary
Everyday struggles and hidden problems: issues that LGBTQ people face frequently and often on a daily basis
Download the form for submissions from