In Matthew 19 we have a wonderful image of Jesus blessing the children, which is invaluable to families, church and communities. Through his action, Jesus teaches that we are called to be child friendly, to put children at the centre and to be a blessing to them.  In Matthew 18: 1-5, we have another image of a cBlackAndWhiteHeart_shutterstock_125683361hild which adds a distinctive element to our theology. It is not simply a child-friendly theology of the ‘child in our midst’. Rather it is a theology of the child placed by Jesus in the midst of disciples seeking the kingdom of God and to understand their place in it. This action was an indicator of a radical approach to kingdom showing that all can be included and all included equally. The good news is that ambition and anxiety are pointless, instead we are called to hospitality and reception. The good news of the kingdom is that we are to receive the child and be received as children. The Mary and Martha Meet group really appreciated exploring Child Theology last Friday. Parents valued the prophetic tone of the theology for society and also for the church. They felt that at times the local church can struggle with children placed in their midst during worship and could do with more Child Theology. It brought out conversations with the children too – talking about a trip to the dentist and the doctor as positive experiences of a child being received. This Child Theology is written in Entry Point. Towards Child Theology with Matthew 18 by Haddon Willmer and Keith J White. You might read the title of the book, think ‘I don’t really relate to children in my life’ and therefore decide not to read it. Actually, this is a book for you too. Explore the difference between child friendly theology and child theology. It’s not only good news for children