What is a Wild City Retreat?

…a Saturday morning break in the city: gaining insights from the cycle of the seasons… Over a year, which started back in October 2014, a group began exploring our relationship with the natural world, in creative, experiential ways. Various traditions have called the natural world the “second book of God”, (we call it the FIRST) but how are we reading this book, when we live in the city? … a combination of learning, going outdoors, creative work, reflection and prayer. We focus our attentioIMG_1307n on the season, woven in with the rhythm of the city, our individual stories and their personal resonances, and metaphors from our spiritual traditions. DATES: The next Wild City Retreat will be on July 1st. TIME: 9.45 to start formally at 10.00 until 1.00pm. CHARGE: We request a £5 donation per session to cover the costs of material. VENUE: Harehills Lane Baptist Church, Harehills You only need stay outside for as long as you choose and are comfortable! INFORMATION: contact [email protected] BOOKING IS NECESSARY: email PIppa or LCI through “Contact” page. KEEP IN TOUCH, WHETHER YOU JOIN US OR NOT: See below our frequently updated “Resource List” for ideas, resources and networks. Read each of our seasonal blog entries below under “Related”, each with comments from participants.

Course facilitator

tree selfiePippa Woodhams began a journey into creative arts and art therapy in mid-life, having been a pioneer fair trade activist in the 1980s and raising four children. She works in adult mental health with asylum seekers, and with people with learning disability. Being an Associate of a religious community for many years keeps her roots in the Anglican tradition, while actively exploring other aspects of spirituality, in particular, our connection with the natural world. She enjoys wandering, wondering and gardening.


Download this list of books, websites and other resources you might find helpful, WCR Resources 2015/16

Blog Articles

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Discussion and Comment

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