In this podcast Dr Lynn Bassett explores the ways our approach to death, dying and bereavement has changed in the context of the global COVID-19 pandemic.


This recording was made as part of a series of online events in Autumn 2020 to help us see dying as something we can plan for and manage rather than something to fear and avoid discussing.  These events are jointly organised by Leeds Church Institute, Growing Old Grace-fully and Faith In Elderly People.


Dr Lynn Bassett worked as a healthcare chaplain in acute and palliative settings from 2001 – 2015. Lynn has a PhD in Palliative Care and her doctoral thesis explored silence as an element of end-of-life spiritual care from the experience of palliative care chaplains in the UK. Lynn has articles published in Palliative Medicine Journal, The Journal for the Study of Spirituality and Health and Social Care Chaplaincy. 

Lynn has provided links to articles referred to in the podcast and has generously offered her contact details for anyone who would like to know more : [email protected]


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