St George's Church

Great George Street, Leeds, LS1 3BR

Leeds, England, GB, LS1 3BR

We would be delighted for you to join us for the book launch for Understanding and Managing Sophisticated and Everyday Racism.

A look at the book…

The prevalence of sophisticated racism and how it manifests itself in society, particularly in the workplace is explored. A narrative is provided on examples of daily racism from the lived experiences of Black women. The reader is taken on a journey through narratives of troubling racist events to the destination of asserting approaches to preserving a sense of self and individual identity in the face of sophisticated racism.

The authors explain how the relationship and interaction between Black women and White women originates in historical patterns of behaviour which emerged on the plantations during enslavement.

This book extends outside the historical perspective to the provision of strategies for managing sophisticated and everyday racism in current times and we will be joined by the editors of the book at the event.


Dr. Victoria Showunmi is associate professor at University College London in the Faculty of Institute of Education.

Dr. Carol Tomlin is visiting fellow at the University Leeds.