December 8


07:00 pm - 08:00 pm

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Leeds Church Institute

A discussion of the themes in Finding Jesus in the Storm by John Swinton with Dr Helen Reid

On the 8th December, Dr Helen Reid welcomes you to an insightful discussion on the themes from John Swinton’s book ‘Finding Jesus in the Storm’. The book draws on theological reflection from 30 Christians who suffer from severe mental health challenges including bipolar and depression. Leading theologian John Swinton argues that theological understanding as well as medical interventions are required and respectively on their own, are not enough to have positive impact.

By hearing the lived experiences of people with severe mental health problems, this book opens up new understanding and perspectives to challenge and offer new insights to healing and recovery. This book is about people, it provides hope and comfort in the midst of a storm. We look forward to welcoming you virtually and to hearing your views.