“On Saturday I was privileged to join with others in leading our first theological retreat on Disability, called Even the Resurrection Bears Scars. Organizers and attendees alike joined in a time of worship before sharing our something of our stories and experiences of disability and faith as we learnt about some of the models of disability and were introduced to a basic outline of disability theology by Dr Charlotte Naylor Davis.”

Paul Coleman

Here is some of the feedback from the day:

“It was the first time in a long time that I felt able to worship God safely as I knew I was around family, despite most people being strangers. It was very affirming to be around people who understood your experiences even if they didn’t have the same disability – a huge amount of mutual respect and acceptance which made it a safe place to talk freely about difficult topics.”


“It was a great opportunity to meet other disabled Christians and talk about theology in a way we would not necessarily do in our own churches.”


“I enjoyed it, even as a person living with disability, I was able to learn more about how others with different disabilities are affected and I enjoyed learning the theology.”

You can find the subtitled videos of both the talks, Introduction to models of disability and Introduction to disability theology on the LCI YouTube channel:



You can download the transcripts of the talks here:

Even the Resurrection Bears Scars – Introduction to Models of Disability

Even the Resurrection Bears Scars – Introduction to Disability Theology

Even the Resurrection Bears Scars – Handout

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about future plans for other events on disability theology, you can contact me on [email protected].