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Welcome to LCI’s new blog site.

We hope you enjoy looking through the different articles and finding out about LCI’s work in the city of Leeds. The site is a work in progress and is currently under construction. If you have any thoughts about layout or content, please let us know.
Since its establishment in 1857, part of LCI’s aim has been to generate ‘lively discussion’ across the city, particualrly around issues of faith. LCI does engage in traditional academic education, but one of our main aims is to provide learning resources for those outside the traditional system. These days the internet is one place where anyone can engage in discussion and dialogue – that’s something we want to embrace. We would love this space to develop as a place of lively discussion in the twenty first century. We’d really love you to get involved. You can leave comments in response to any of the posts and let us know what you think about a particular topic. If you’d like to write a post for the blog, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us using the form below and help us to grow a learning culture in the city of Leeds.
When you are viewing a post, the navigation bar will disappear – this is to remove distraction and help users to focus on what they’re reading. To return to the main menu, click the home button in the top right corner, from there you can then navigate to a new page or post.
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